Web Designing

In this era, almost companies have a website.  It’s not enough that you just have a website. You must have a professional-looking site if you want to be taken seriously. Its the best way to succeed online and make your company stand out among the others.


The identity of a company is represented by their logo, banners, business cards etc. You name it, we will be able to design it for you.

Mobile Applications

Most of the people use mobile phones now a days more than their PC. If you have any interest owning a mobile application for you Android/Apple phone, you have come to the right place.

Computer Servicing and Support

Most startups don’t want to hire an IT engineer just yet, but every company needs technical support. We have the best technicians who are ready to serve your company’s IT needs. Sign an Annual Maintenance Contract with us. We not only provide assist and services, but also keep you up-to-date with the latest technological trends in the market.

Promotional Videos

You need a video to promote your company? Based on your company profile or what you need, we will be able to develop a video for you.

Computer Peripherals

You would require materials for your company. Our peripherals branch will be able to supply you with the necessary computer accessories as soon as possible.


Do You Dream Of Owning Your Own Blogging Website?

There are lots of bloggers out there. You may have a blog but don’t you want to make it stand out from the others.? We will be able to make a blogging website for you.

Our most popular website – Geekstroke was developed by us.

Take A Look

Why we recommend cloud for your Business?

Cloud computing has become one of the most influential and most hyped IT Technologies for small business, governments, and the normal consumer. Small business have fully embraced the cloud, and a 2014 Intuit study predicts close to 80 percent by 2020. Migrating away from the cloud would be no different than trying to keep your business off the internet. It’s not possible in today’s world, where everyone’s always online. Businesses in the not so distance future will be expected to have all their resources and tools on the cloud, and employees could be deterred away if the potential employers isn’t already on the cloud.

So should you simply migrate your resources and services to a cloud infrastructure? It isn’t that simple and brings up a lot of questions from the IT department.

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Ultra Hot Design

We want our portfolio to be amazing, so we will make sure you get the hottest design

High Quality

We make sure that our designs will be top-notch and bug free.

Technical Support

Wherever there is a computer, there will be technical difficulties as well. Which is why our team of technical experts will be there to guide you and solve your problems. Sign a monthly contract with us to get the best technical support for your company.


Do you have a Project idea ? We can offer Consulting to local business for Websites, Online and Offline Media and Business IT Infrastructure

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