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The Geekstroke Is One Of Our Greatest Achievements

Two friends who constantly kept talking about Movies, Games, Technology and almost everything geeky wanted a website of their own. But none of the designs for the website was able to express themselves. They wanted a website which defines them, which define what they write. And they were fully satisfied with the current design they got.!

Built With Users In Mind

Geekstroke was built keeping a responsive design in mind. As a large number of users prefer to browse on mobile phones these days, we had to keep the design responsive. Design is complex but yet looks simple and pleasing to the eyes. Where the readers feel like going through the content.

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We knew the owners of the website would be great with content. All that was needed was a beautiful design and a platform where they can write articles with ease. Uploading photos and videos shouldn’t be a headache for them. Geekstroke has many features which makes it one of our best piece of work ever.!

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