Why should you shift to the Cloud?

Posted by | October 29, 2015 | Articles | No Comments

Over the years Cloud computing has evolved at a fast rate and has become one of the best technologies for startups, governments and normal consumers. Startups were initially reluctant to shift to cloud but now they have fully embraced the cloud. Its similar to how banks were when they initially started, no one wanted to keep their money someplace else, people preferred to keep it in their home or locker instead of the bank. So should you migrate your data to a cloud infrastructure? This brings up a lot of questions from the IT department.

The first thing companies look for is the price, and cloud is known for being cheaper. In a traditional server, you need to pay a monthly rate after estimating the space, bandwidth and CPU Power. The problem with estimates is that you can end up overpaying without utilizing its full potential. But with cloud, its different as you can pay for everything separately based on its monthly usage. This makes the cloud flexible. Through virtualization, businesses can do great things with less physical server hardware, they won’t have to pay for routine maintenance on servers or waste time and resources because of downtime. The cloud keeps the server running at all times. And as everything is on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen if your computer gets stolen or if hacked were to infiltrate it. This makes the cloud secure. Despite cloud being secure, we keep hearing news about banks and social networks having security breach affecting millions of consumers and overall economy. Thus steps were taken to prevent these attacks by use of strong passwords, two step authentication and so on. Cloud has come a long way from when it was initially set up.


With cloud we have to ability to save files on the Web and access them anywhere with anyone at anytime. Plus with Microsoft Office 365, you have the option of having more than one user editing a document by accessing it from anywhere around the world. This helps small business owners access their business at any time of the day at any location.

Another advantage of Microsoft Office 365 is its integration with other cloud services to provide reports, statistics, insights and other tools to manage their business. If business want to add an ERP or CRM software with their emails, its possible to do so. This flexibilty helps small business to focus on critical areas of their business and worrying less about their IT infrastructure.

Cloud technology has come to a point where keeping yourself off Cloud means keeping your business off the internet. Somehow Cloud will get to you, some of you may not know this but you are already in the cloud if you have internet on your cellphones. In today’s world, everyone is online. If you want to stay ahead of the market, its high time to migrate your business to the cloud.

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